Christmas cookiesGreen Holiday Ideas from Our Readers

By Madeline Breen

One thing is certain: we have the most creative readers. When we asked you how you’ll make your holidays green, we were blown away by your inspiring and eco-friendly ideas.

Below is a round up of our favorite green gift and green decor ideas, courtesy of our Facebook fans and blog readers. Thanks for submitting and season “green”ings!

How Will You Make Your Holidays Green?

  1. Re-gift with pride, not guilt. – Raechel
  2. Every year we give handcrafted or re-purposed gifts. It’s so much fun to see what some of the more “creative” gifts are each year. We have had everything from homemade calendars to duct taped-jousting sticks! – Jeanna W
  3. We cut holiday shapes from last year’s cards to make gift tags by tracing them using a cookie cutter. – Maria
  4. Instead of paying to ship gifts, I’m planning to call a local store/restaurant in the cities where my friends live, purchase a gift certificate over the phone and then let the recipients know via e-card — or better yet, an online chat. –Kendra
  5. I’ll be making coupon books out of recycled holiday cards. – Dayna H
  6. I’ve been peeling the bark off fallen birches, wrapping it around glass jars, and filling them with pine clippings, glittery twigs, pine cones, etc. Makes a pretty centerpiece! – Kasia L
  7. We have been giving donations to our favorite causes for the past few years. – Nancy
  8. I will try to use as many local products as possible for my Christmas dinner. This is difficult in Canada in December, but there are still autumn veggies and fruits available (apples, squashes and pumpkins). – Audrey D
  9. If I buy any gifts, I will get them from local shops and indie craft fairs. – Susan M.
  10. Rather than focusing on gifts, we get more joy out of rituals throughout the season: Gathering with friends. Baking cookies. Singing along with all the silly carols. Hosting “ugly sweater” parties. Doing the Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count. Getting outdoors for a chilly moonlight walk/sledding/ice skating session, and then returning to the house for a hot beverage. – Cara O

[Image: Christmas cookies. Image source: nerdcoregirl/Flickr via a Creative Commons license]

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  1. Instead of buying or cutting a tree, go to the woods and clip greens–pine, fir, cedar, oregon grape, salal and holly and fill a huge vase with them, wreath the bottom with greens and white lights and hang a few glass ornaments on the boughs, or tie gold or silver french ribbons (reusable). After Christmas, cut up the boughs and compost them.

  2. I really enjoyed this article. I was just wondering what I could do with old greeting cards. 🙂

  3. My gift to my family was a fabulous Christmas party last week. What better gift than to gather your family for fabulous eating and conversation?!

  4. I reuse the front last years chirstmas cards as postcards, less postage costs too – any gifts given are generally consumables that people really use like food.

  5. I buy year round and specially on Christmas and Channukah , on my local Goodwill store . Clothes, toys , books, kitchen things,if they are clean and in good shape, they still have a second life in them and we are recycling !!

  6. I’m a teacher and love greeting cards for craft projects. Cut off the personal writing on the back of your cards and donate them to a teacher.

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