Gift Guide: Green Gifts for Moms

Gift Guide: Green Gifts for Moms

By Kerry Crisley

I recently stumbled upon a my 2011 resolutions, and I have to say, they were pretty good. They were all about organization in my home and work space, trying new things and maintaining some balance. Of course, I didn’t actually achieve them. Eleven months later I’m still searching for my to-do lists and tripping over the laundry basket in my haste to get my kids to school on time.

So 2012 is my do-over, and I’m using this holiday season as an opportunity to arm myself with the tools that will help me achieve my New Year’s resolutions – and get some green gifts to enjoy along the way.

Resolution #1: Be on time
The green gift I want: An eco-friendly watch

Eco-friendly watch from Sprout

The world may be full of clocks, but why do they all read differently? My cell phone’s timekeeper is four minutes ahead of my car’s clock, which in my harried morning routine is the difference between the kids being on time and tardy, or two people in line ahead of me for coffee versus nine. It’s time (so to speak) to renew my relationship with a watch. For some green timekeeping options, check out the eco-friendly watch collection from Sprout.

Resolution #2: Get organized
The green gifts I want: recycled planner and bamboo file sorter

Bamboo paper organizer

In the novel One Day, a character questions whether her desire to write is really just “a fetish for good stationary.” I get that. I do. Despite my best efforts to embrace my email’s calendar and task functions, I still turn to paper to scribble down ideas and keep track of my to-dos. Do you? If so, check out the 100% post-consumer recycled planners from Ecosystem Life. And where better to keep it than a paper sorter made from sustainable bamboo?

Resolution #3: Try new recipes
The green gift I want: A low-carbon cookbook

"Local Flavors" cookbook

Speaking of books, I have to brag a little here and say that I have the best book club. Ever. They’re such a great group of women that I want to go the extra mile the next time I host in 2012. To that end, I’m adding a “green” cookbook like Local Flavors to my list, so I can expand my cooking repertoire with as little impact as possible. But don’t worry, friends. You have my sincere promise not to make pie when we discuss The Help

Resolution #4: Find more time for me
Green gift that I want: a day of house cleaning!

Green cleaning

Remember that part about tripping over my laundry basket? Well, just between us, I left out the part where I slip on the mail on the floor. And ask my son to stop writing his name in the dust on the bookshelf. You get the picture. But here’s the rub: if I use my (limited) downtime to keep the house in order, I’ll never get a minute off. If I make more time to do the things that I want to do, it’d be a matter of days before the producers of Hoarders find me. So this is the year I ask Santa to give me a day of green cleaning while I escape to the movies or gym. If you’d like the same, check your local listings or go to an online resource like Merry Maids.

Resolution #5: Celebrate the “best of”
The green gift I want: secondhand classic books and films

John Cusak in "Say Anything"

Say Anything’s Lloyd Dobler doesn’t want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. Nor does he want to sell anything bought or processed, buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold or bought. And for that, I love him. At the risk of incurring his disapproval by buying something, Santa can pick up my copy of Say Anything secondhand. One option is Second Spin, an online extravaganza of used CDs, DVDs and games.

These are the secrets to my success and sanity in 2012, and all can be obtained from the comfort of Santa’s couch.

Kerry Crisley is associate director of strategic communications with an emphasis on marine work.



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