DIY: Holiday Book Wreath

This is one of our favorite DIY projects of the season. The Nature Conservancy’s Laura Bracis spent $5.48 on all materials, including buying used books to upcycle, and made a gorgeous holiday wreath. We loved it so much we asked her to share her secrets. Find out how she did it and learn how you can make one for your front door.


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  1. I love this! Adding this to my holiday craft list…

  2. I just made two of these and they are gorgeous! And I’m not a crafty person. I followed all your directions – they were great. The second one I made was a “mini”, diameter about 6″. Thanks, TNC.

  3. What a novel idea! (pun intended) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love this idea! I think you could also use crunched paper wrapped with masking tape or a cut cardboard base instead of the pipe insulation to keep all the materials recyclable.

  5. What kind of people does this? I was shocked to see books destroyed to give birth to a useless — and, let’s be honest, ugly — Christmas decoration item. I love dogs but wouldn’t give them my books to “eat”. People need books in so many places that it’s a shame to encourage this horrible destruction. I was sorry to see TNC encourage this fake recycling and will not support TNC anymore.

  6. Love! I’m not a crafter, but like this enough to try. Also, Flavia, no I don’t suggest giving a book with part of the sorry missing to anyone. This craft allows me to keep the ugly wreath in my home- will use the leather to top a bird house & the remaining pages shredded to fluff the nest… ha! Lighten up. Life’s too short.

  7. story… Love corrective tech, saves so much time.

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