DIY: Holiday Card Display

DIY: Holiday Card Display

By Evelyn Chen
The Nature Conservancy in New York

There’s no better way to display holiday cards than by perching them atop a wide mantle above an idyllic fireplace. Or is there?….

What do you do with your stacks of beautifully adorned, thoughtfully addressed Christmas cards when you live in a small, mantle-less apartment in New York? Get creative!

This project comes courtesy of Conservancy fundraiser (and crafty New Yorker), Evelyn Chen.

Price: $

Time: Under an hour

-Greeting cards
-Recycled Ribbons
-Hammer and nails (or packing tape)
-Clothes Pins

  1. Gather ribbons. Don’t bother buying ribbons. I save all of the beautiful bows and ribbons from the presents and packages I get. You’ll wind up with a whole heap of colorful ribbons.
  2. Hammer some nails in the wall where you want your display. Stagger the nails so your ribbons will hang at different lengths. If you have concrete walls or don’t want to create a bunch of holes, just use very strong packing tape.
  3. Tie the ribbons to the nails.
  4. Attach the cards to the ribbons. Use the clothespins to attach your cards to the ribbons. Combination filing system and decoration!
  5. Post it on Facebook. My favorite part of this project is taking a photo of the finished display and posting it on Facebook. Then I tag each card with the name of the person who sent it to me.
  6. BONUS: Use the cards to make gift tags. Don’t throw away the cards after the New Year. Instead, cut out a piece of the picture on the front, glue it to a folded piece of construction paper, punch a hole in the corner and make gift tags for next year!

Celebrate Green Gift Monday with New York City’s Young Professionals Group at Sustainable NYC (139 Ave. A, NY, NY) on December 5! View our Facebook invite for more info.

(Image: Holiday card display. Image source: TNC)

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