Running for Nature at the ING NYC Marathon

The following is a guest post from Adrienne Egolf. Adrienne is a marketing professional in New York City. Along with other supporters and members of the Young Professionals Group, she helped cheer on Team Nature at the 2011 ING New York City Marathon.

“Wait. I think I see one…” I said, straining my eyes. “Is that…? It is!” I point toward my sighting for the benefit of my fellows. We’re like a field team on safari.

But it’s a different kind of nature that we’re watching today.

“GO TEAM NATURE!” I shout. The group erupts in cheers. Our handheld signs wave furiously overhead, and the Team Nature runner we’ve just spotted passes by with a proud smile on his face.

The ING New York City Marathon is one of those quintessential NYC events you always hear about. The race sends a shockwave through the five boroughs, as 47,000 runners make their way from Staten Island to Central Park and millions of fans cheer them on along the way. The energy, always at a high in New York City, is even more palpable each year on the first Sunday in November.

Add to that a team of 19 runners who are committed to conservation? Well, then you’ve really got an event to remember.

The past few months, Team Nature has shown that a little dedication and a lot of heart can go a long way – literally. Not only did all of our runners finish the race (some for the first time), they also surpassed their goal, raising more than $100,000 for The Nature Conservancy. Some were running for a natural place they remember from their childhood. Some were running for a preserve that changed their life. Some were running for their own backyard. All of them were running for nature.

As I stood stationed with our contingent of supporters at mile 25 just outside Central Park, I felt more than a little fortunate to be a part of it all. The New York City Marathon is an inspiring day in an inspiring city. And cheering for Team Nature makes all of it even more so.

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(Image: Team Nature runner and Estuary Specialist Chris Clapp. Image credit: © C. Clapp/TNC. Second image: Team Nature supporters. Second image credit: © L. Leinweber/TNC)

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  1. Team Nature should establish local marathon teams. Running is becoming more and more popular in my town and such a team could raise awareness. We have local preservation concerns that many do not know about.

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