Argiope Spider

We can’t decide what’s more stunning: the pattern on this Argiope spider’s belly or his intricate web? Both spectacular details make this photo our pick for Nature Photo of the Week. Thanks to Flickr user chefrx for a great nature shot and thanks for sharing it with The Nature Conservancy’s Flickr group!

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  1. Re: Your spectacular spider (Argiope) was noted to be a male but is probably a female. She probably ate her mate. Some male spiders are very small in contrast to their females and they may flee after mating or spin a small web on his own. I don’t know the specifics on this species. It’s fun to see the cute little bags of eggs attached to the web. Unfortunately, my observations have been that the female drops dead one day. Exhaustion? Weather too cold? I don’t know. Perhaps an expert will tell us.

  2. We have had many “Writing Spiders” (or zipper spiders) over the years. I do enjoy them in the garden. My feeling is that weather change causes death- because this year, our female laid her egg sack and stayed for several more weeks getting larger again, then after a cold snap, she was gone 🙁 They are wonderful garden companions, and seem to eat many different flying pests.

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