DIY: Up-cycled Tie Wreath

DIY Up-cycled Wreath

DIY: Up-cycled Tie Wreath

By Susan Iovenitti

On one of my recent inspiration expeditions to the local library, I came across an interesting book all about “up-cycled gifts” called Upcycling by Danny Seo. In the book I found a wealth of ideas for turning ordinary objects around my house into beautiful gifts and décor.

I’ve taken Danny’s initial bright idea and come up with my own version of this up-cycled tie wreath – with a few modifications along the way with the materials that I had on hand. You can check out the original wreath inspiration for this project on his blog, Daily Danny. My step-by-step instructions are below:

Price: $

Time: About an hour

-Old, tacky ties (I used about 10 for my 12” wreath) – I found many of my ties in my husband’s closet, the local thrift store and consignment shop
-Foam wreath base from your local craft store

-Measuring tape
-Straight pins


  1. Gather all of your materials and arrange the ties in a pattern on your wreath. (I strongly recommend doing this in advance of assembling the wreath, as it is a little tricky to move the ties around once you have them on the base.)
    DIY Up-cycled Wreath - Step 1
  2. Use your measuring tape and scissors to cut each tie to about 20” from the wide end of the tie up the body. Note: You do not need to cut the ties to assemble the wreath, but I found it easier to work with the shorter length.
    DIY Up-cycled Wreath - Step 2
  3. Pin the cut end of the tie to the wreath base. Doing this will help to secure the tie to the base as you begin to wrap.
  4. Wrap the tie around the base and secure into place with another straight pin once you have the tie wrapped and in position.
    DIY Up-cycled Wreath - Step 4
  5. Continue with the remaining ties until you have the entire wreath base covered in ties and you’re happy with the finished product. Ta da!
If you believe in the work we’re doing, please lend a hand.


  1. I like the idea, but Is it really green to promote the marketing of foam wreath bases?

  2. Great idea – and instead of the foam, you could use a grapevine wreath – plentiful in the woods around my house.

  3. I suppose you could use a straw wreath as a basis instead of the foam.

  4. I love this,and I would add one more thing. I would glue a nice button over the head of the each pin.

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