Holiday DIY Projects from Pinterest


Holiday DIY Projects from Pinterest

By Madeline Breen

My marketing colleagues and I have a new obsession: Pinterest. Have you heard of this lovely little web site yet? Pinterest is an online community that allows you to create virtual inspiration boards by “pinning” photos you’ve stumbled across online. Looking for a place to store all those do-it-yourself projects you’ve seen on the web? Create a board, pin your favorite projects and browse your friends’ boards when you need more inspiration.

Pinterest has a massive “DIY & Crafts” category, which is why The Nature Conservancy became a part of the Pinterest phenomenon. This holiday season, we are asking folks to give responsible, meaningful holiday gifts — one perfect way to gift responsibly is to make something for your loved ones.

Need a few ideas to get you started? We pulled our favorite holiday DIY projects from Pinterest.

Paint Chip Gift Tags

Who knew there were so many miscellaneous uses for paint chips in this world? A search for “paint chips” on Pinterest reveals a spectrum of clever ideas: whimsical garlands, wall art, even necklaces. But my favorite holiday use for paint chips (which are FREE from your hardware store) is homemade gift tags!

Via Pinterest user: Angela Sheffer. Source: A Spoonful of Sugar.

Snowman Kit

Snowman kit. From:

Beware: this clever snowman kit will make you smack your forehead and shout, “why didn’t I think of that?!” What a wonderful gift for neighbors and teachers. Plus, it’s a kid-friendly gift to assemble and uses natural materials – the snowman’s mouth is made of rocks from your local creek!

Via Pinterest user: Ruth Hardy. Source: Make It Do.

Scrabble Ornaments

Scrabble ornaments. From:

Buying used items is an easy way to green your holiday. We love that this DIY project involves a little Ebay thrifting or a trip to your local Goodwill. How cute are these Scrabble ornaments? A Scrabble game comes with 100 letters, so get creative and see what festive words you can come up with to get the most bang for your buck!

Via Pinterest user: Marie-Claire. Source: My Sweet Savannah.

Soup Can Luminaries

Tin can light. From:

Instead of just putting those old soup cans in your recycling bin, let’s give them a second life in the form of these cozy candle holders. These luminaries will look lovely on your front step or on the table at a holiday party.

Via Pinterest user: Erin M. Source: Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics.

Snow Globes

Snow globes. From:

I loved whimsical snow globes as a child and when I saw this photo on Pinterest, I realized you’re never too old for some snow globe magic! These would make a great gift for all ages.

Via Pinterest user: Helen. Source: Well Worn.

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