It’s a Green Mom Throwdown!

Two of The Nature Conservancy’s super-star green moms, Sarene Marshall and Stephanie Wear, are “mominated”– they’re up for’s “Moms Who Are Changing Your World” title!

Get to know Sarene, Steph and the other “mominees,” and cast your votes today.  Voting closes tomorrow, September 20.

Sarene Marshall, Managing Director, Global Climate Change Team:

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A colleague once told me that I “can go from the corporate boardroom to kids’ homeroom” better than anyone she knew.  My fellow work-away-from-home moms know what a huge work/life balance compliment that is. One thing that makes this juggling act easier is that my life and work are so interconnected.  In my work at The Nature Conservancy to develop climate change solutions, ultimately I am always thinking about my two young girls and the planet we will be leaving for them.  My desire to protect their futures and leave behind a more sustainable and resilient planet motivates my work.

I recently wrote about the impact climate change can have on family routines and the health and safety of kids. But it’s not just about cautionary stories. More importantly, it’s about solutions. On the home front, I am proud to be working hard to raise environmentally-aware children who know how their actions connect to the planet writ large, and to be sharing much of my professional knowledge with people in my community, especially other parents.

At the Conservancy, we’re focused on big steps that people can take through conservation to protect themselves and their communities in the face of change. We are reducing carbon pollution from deforestation. And we are helping communities respond to changes they are already seeing–and prepare for the changes they can expect to see– by restoring wetlands to protect against floods, rebuilding coastal mangrove forests to protect people from sea level rise, or working with ranchers to protect water supplies.

To me, this work feels completely natural. It’s all a part of being the best mom I possibly can.

Stephanie Wear, Director of Coral Reef Conservation:

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The ocean has always held an almost mystical power over me. I have a clear memory of my first run-in with a big wave on the Oregon coast at the age of three…getting tossed around, spitting out sand and saltwater, and then chastising my dad (as only a three-year-old can) for letting go of my hand!

I work every day toward creating an ocean that is healthy and overflowing with fish. My commitment to the planet extends from my work life into my home. Both my husband and I have made healthy green living a part of our daily life by considering the impact of each decision we make – from the source of our food and how it is grown to the floors we walk on and the paint on our walls. What we buy – or better yet, what we choose not to buy – has almost become a political act.

I see all of these choices influencing our future world – the world of my children and grandchildren. I refuse to let my legacy be anything less than a planet that provides for them.

(First image: Sarene Marshall. First image credit: © Erika Nortemann. Second image: Steph Wear. Second image credit: Steph Wear.)

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  1. Steph and Sarene are two of the greenest moms I know, and couldn’t be more deserving of this award. I’m voting for them both!

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