Meet Team Nature: Running for Memories

(Team Nature, from left to right: Loren Eggleton, Stefanie Gitler and James Riviezzo)

There are lots of reasons to run the ING New York City Marathon. But for Team Nature, there’s only one: As our 20 dedicated runners gear up for race day on Nov. 6, get to know Team Nature, and learn more about why they’re willing to go the distance – 26.2 miles to be exact – for conservation.

Meet Loren, Stefanie and James. These three young professionals are so motivated to help the natural world, that they’re logging countless training miles leading up to race day. Fortunately they all have childhood memories of nature – and visions for the future – to fuel them till the finish line!

Loren Eggleton, 29
Member of New York City’s Young Professionals Group
“I grew up going camping with my dad.  As I got older I started going backpacking and climbing as much as I could.  I eventually took a NOLS Mountaineering course in Alaska so that I could go on to climb bigger mountains. Because I’ve had such great experiences in nature I want to ensure that others are able enjoy nature and to also have those experiences for generations to come.”
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Stefanie Gitler, 28Attorney specializing in environmental transactional law“The environment has always played a significant role in my life – from spending my summers as a child hiking and camping to now being the focus of my careers. I want to ensure that the areas I have always enjoyed are there for the generations to come.”
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James Riviezzo, 35
Board chair of New York City’s Young Professionals Group
“I was raised in New Hampshire – a state with an entire population less than half that of the borough of Brooklyn.  The White Mountains, Lake Winnipesaukee, Great Bay and the Seacoast are all places that influenced my appreciation for all things relative to nature. I hope to help preserve great outdoor places just like the ones I was fortunate enough to grow up around.”
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