Thanks to everyone for making The Nature Conservancy’s Picnic for the Planet celebration a success! Hundreds of picnics were held all around the world, and we want to hear about yours! In the meantime, here are just a few of the most superlative-worthy picnics we’ve heard about so far:

Largest Picnic: Pike Place Market, Seattle

The Nature Conservancy partnered with its Seattle neighbor the Pike Place Market to host an Earth Day Picnic for the Planet on April 22. Participants enjoyed food, live music (such as from the Haggis Brothers, above) and games. Organizers estimate that at least 1,000 visitors and Seattleites attended.

Southernmost Picnic: Palmer Research Station, Antarctica

Researchers from the Palmer Research Station in Antarctica braved negative 3 degrees Celcius weather for some outdoor hot chocolate and Clif bars.

Pictured from left: Rebecca Shoop (Palmer Station manager), Yuta Kawarasaki (graduate student studying an insect species of Antarctica), Phil Spindler (science lab supervisor), Ruth McDowell (graduate student studying chemical defense of algae), and Jeff Otten (Network engineer).

Highest Population Percentage Picnic: Palmyra Atoll

This Picnic for the Planet took place on Sawle Point, Strawn Island, Palmyra Atoll, part of the Palmyra Atoll National Wildlife Refuge and the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. All 9 current inhabitants of the atoll were in attendance.

Pictured from left are: Luke Wagner, TNC Maintenance Tech; Luci Pandolfi, TNC Asst Galley; Ned Brown, TNC Field Station Manager; Bobby O’Brien, TNC Galley Manager; Kydd Pollock, TNC Chief of Marine Operations; Amanda Meyer, USFWS Refuge Manager; Kris Kopra, TNC Boat Captain; Ben Buchwald, TNC Maintenance Tech; Martha Smith, TNC Asst Galley.

Greenest Picnic: Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

A picnicker reports: Our picnic was aimed at encouraging people to reconnect with nature by eating out, eating smart, and eating locally and sustainably grown green food. We choose a lush green botanical garden as an outdoor location. To reach the destination, we teamed up with PT Kereta Api Indonesia, a state-owned train company, who is currently embarking on a Go Green campaign program. We only served local, sustainable food and urged participants to bring along reusable plates, spoons and forks. After everyone had their lunch, we also organized trekking around the park to introduce people to the flora and fauna with a trivia quiz to check on their understanding.

Kiddiest Picnic: Glebe Elementary School, Arlington, Va.

Glebe Elementary School in Arlington, Va., celebrated Earth Day with a school-wide Picnic for the Planet.

Most Elephants at a Picnic: Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya

Chu Chang celebrated Earth Day with some pachyderm pals at the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya.

Longest Picnic (8 Hours): Parc del Putxet, Barcelona, Spain

A picnicker reports: It was raining but 20 from 26 picnickers came. We decided to move from the park to a house nearby. After the lunch with salad, pasta and local food, we went on a hike to a close hill. From there we were singing “Imagine” by John Lennon and other peaceful and motivating songs. In the evening we went back home to play some table games. From the group of 20, 10 picnickers stayed till 10 pm! It was a great day!

Cleanest Picnic: Myrtle Beach SC

A picnicker reports: Had a great day at Myrtle Beach State Park! We cleaned up almost a mile of beach and collected 50 pounds of trash and recyclables.

Highest Altitude Picnic: Pico Duarte, Dominican Republic

Victor Medina and his family have a Picnic for the Planet after summiting Pico Duarte, the highest peak in the Caribbean at 10,164 feet.

These are just a few examples of memorable Earth Day celebrations held around the world. See what others are saying about their Picnic for the Planet, and check out photos on FlickR.

Image Credits: Pike Place Market @FlickR user katherinesather; Palmer Research Station @Courtesy of Yuta Kawarasaki; Palymra Atoll @Courtesy of Ned Brown; Indonesia @FlickR user rin fitria; Glebe Elementary @Mark Godfrey/TNC; Kenya @Courtesy of Chu Chang; Barcelona @ Courtesy of Jose/; Myrtle Beach @ Jane Ochsenbein; Pico Duarte @Courtesy of Victor Medina

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