In the spirit of Green Gift Monday we asked the question, how will you make the holidays green? Our Facebook fans came together and gave us a number of great tips and tricks. Here’s a few of our favorites from The Nature Conservancy’s Facebook page. This blog post is officially dedicated to all of those last-minute shoppers, procrastinators, and our 146,000+ Facebook friends of The Nature Conservancy. Enjoy!

Green Holiday Ideas From Our Facebook Fans

  1. I cut out cool pictures from old magazines I’ve collected and make a wrapping paper collage. Lots of fun! – Jill H.
  2. I reuse the front of Xmas cards from last year as gift tags for this year. – Jocelyn C.
  3. Buying second hand and making edible treats for gifts. (Saves lots of $$ too!) – Shelly V.
  4. No tree on the inside and we will be decorating our beautiful outdoor trees with ornaments made out of birdseed and other natural decorations. – Jane S.
  5. Make recycled ornaments with your kids out of old newspapers/cans even broken glass (google it) and dont forget the standby pinecone, peanut butter, birdseed ornaments for outside. feed the birds and do arts and crafts with your kids. family time is Always the best time. 🙂 – Megan M.
  6. I gave up Xmas giving for adults several years ago and it is such a relief! A major chore – and money drain — erased. I feel good every time I think about it. Instead I make a single donation to a local animal rescue group that is well run by people I know and uses the money wisely. Family Xmas is no longer about stuff! – Sue S.
  7. In my family instead of buying cut trees or a fake tree we buy a small (usually about 3′) living tree. After the holidays when the ground has thawed out we plant it in the yard. It has been a tradition since my father was a little boy and now our yard is full of great pines! – Sam B.
  8. Instead of giving a gift of a material item- provide a service for your friends/fam/loved ones like cooking dinner. Have a holiday ‘Green’ party where everything is recycleable, burn candles instead of lights, etc. – Lalanya B.
  9. I am baking biscuits myself, not buying any decoration, only handmade things…I’ fed up with this running for shopping…!!! – Elisabetta H.
  10. Instead of buying stocking stuffers from a big box McStore, I bought them all at our local Fair Trade shop. – Susan S.

I have to personally thank Shelly and Susan for their advice. I’ve incorporated those tips into my own holiday routine. Did we miss anything? Don’t be afraid to tell us by adding your comments below…

(Image: Stuffed ornament. Image credit: mysza831/Flickr through a Creative Commons license.)

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  1. No adults gifts, but pooled the money we would have spent and gave to local charity. Almost all the gifts we buy are from local artisans. Next year we will start Sam B.’ tradition of tree planting and hang our bird-cones on it!

  2. I made these birdseed cakes and gave some as gifts with a plate of homemade cookies.

    Make sure cakes dry completely before storing or bagging, as they will get moldy. Could also be frozen until ready to feed the birds.

  3. I use Christmas-themed fabric, instead of wrapping paper for the large presents.

  4. My partner and I are knitting for each other–I am knitting her a scarf and she is knitting me a hat. The real present is spending time together knitting.

  5. Give a gift of positive learning experiences! Gave three children who are family friends a week at camp. Nature Camp for two, and theater camp for the other.

  6. Give a gift of labor to those who can’t do for themselves–home repair for an elderly person, house cleaning for someone with a chronic condition, cooking for the recently widowed. Those gifts are really appreciated.

  7. If I receive a present that I’m not too particularly fond of, I give it to a friend or donate it to charity. Now someone else who will actually enjoy will have it and I won’t have to throw it away.

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