Green Gift Monday Partner Q&A: blissmo

Sundeep Ahuja is the founder of blissmo, a mission-driven company promoting sustainable consumption for a happier & healthier people & planet. Before blissmo, Sundeep was co-founder & President at The Extraordinaries, co-founder at richrelevance, and Marketing Director at  Sundeep holds a BS in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Sundeep was brave enough to tell us why Green Gift Monday is important and that a great holiday film can have explosions.

Why did you choose to participate in Green Gift Monday?
At blissmo we believe every dollar is a vote. To address issues ranging from environmental degradation to unhealthy ingredients in products we eat, wear, and touch, we need to begin voting people and planet positive with our dollars. We chose to participate in Green Gift Monday because it’s important to get the word out about the high quality and attractive products out there that are better for us and our planet than many conventional gifts.

What’s your favorite holiday movie or TV special?
This is a tough one :). I haven’t watched them in ages, but I personally enjoyed Home Alone and the original Die Hard (a holiday film!). Neither were very green, unfortunately….

What makes your product or service a meaningful gifting option?
Let’s face it, times are tough, and unfortunately “green” products are sometimes slightly more expensive because of costs involved in sourcing, manufacturing, or delivering in organic and sustainable ways. blissmo finds the best organic and sustainable products and negotiates discounts up to 60%, allowing conscious, savvy shoppers to save money while buying products in line with their values and better for their families and communities.

How are you spreading the word about Green Gift Monday?
Any way we can! Specifically, we’re blogging, tweeting, and getting the word out on Facebook — and of course bringing it up in conversations at holiday parties & gatherings. Team members, friends and family are also being encouraged to share with at least two others.

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?
I really love getting together with my family to play cards and this fun board game popular in India called “carrom.” Playing these games and laughing while sipping warm (organic!) chai is happiness.

Share one tip on how you’re personally going to green your holiday.
Any gifts I give this holiday will be organic or sustainable, and I’ll use the opportunity to tell the “why” and the story behind them (I’ve already gotten some shopping done from our previous blissmo savers). For a few people that are harder to shop for, I’ll probably stick to gift certificates to avoid resorting to ugly sweaters or other unwanted gifts. 🙂

(First Image: blissmo logo. Second Image: Sundeep Ahuja.)

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  1. Glad to see sustainable brands/businesses getting in on the social saving model. I’ve also discovered a number new products via blissmo! Keep up the great work Sundeep+team. And thank you TNC for helping turn attention to greener gift giving!

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