Our Scientists Want to Have a Word With You

Our lead scientist, Sanjayan, and his colleagues from across America and faraway places like Micronesia, Australia and Argentina love their jobs. They know that everyday they have the opportunity to make a positive impact on our planet.

They also know that they only have that unique opportunity because people like you support The Nature Conservancy. That support allows us to expand the scope, scale and pace of our on-the-ground research and conservation efforts.

This holiday season they wanted to take a moment from stimulating coral restoration in Florida or protecting the Yangtze River in China to send a simple message, “Thank you.”

If you believe in the work we’re doing, please lend a hand.


  1. And all of us who are supporting NC take your work to heart,, I went grocery shopping today and everyone noticed my canvas bags. I mulch my lawn[what I have left] because I take your advice. I landscaped the rest by following the book that was published by NC,,Collecting leaves and making my own mulch is inspired by what you are doing around the world. I just want to do my part,,Most everything else comes from the great knowledge I absorb from your web-site. Keep up the good work.

  2. When they stop guessing and start proving is when i will take notice of so called Global Warming….whoops sorry its Climate Change now…..whoops sorry its Climate Degredation now ……cant prove the warming bit anymore….

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