10 Gifts From Etsy for the Green Geek Dad

If you don’t know Etsy, it’s basically a giant online flea market where everything is either handmade or vintage and most everything is either awesome or so terrible it’s awesome. (Also, if you don’t know Etsy, what rock have you been living under? Open up a browser every once in awhile.)

I’ve been giving gifts from the site for a couple years now, but for this post I want to do something a little different. In the spirit of getting gifts I really want, here are 10 Gifts from Etsy that I think are pretty awesome. (Loved ones, if you’re reading – click on the links below.)

Byrd & Belle’s gunmetal wool iPhone case. The cheap plastic case I got for my most treasured possession – my third child, if you will (OK, maybe my second dog) – recently broke. This little beauty is certain to keep my iPhone 4 warm on cold nights. Sleep tight, my precious…

FisForFrank’s Robot Ornament. The tree isn’t trimmed unless there’s a geek ornament, and nothing fits the bill like a robot. Plus, if it’s an evil robot, maybe he can chase that too-cool-for-school Surfing Santa around the tree a bit. “I am a robot…”

Bread and Badger’s Rocket Ship Pint Glasses. Sandblasted in Bread and Badger’s Portland Studios one of these is the perfect home for a nice IPA. Give me two and I’ll be signing, “I’m a rocket maaaaan burning out his fuse up here alone!”

MooPigs Angry Ninja Wine Bottle Stopper. Although to be fair, I’ll only be an angry ninja if we don’t finish the wine and need to use the stopper. So let’s polish off the bottle and I’ll be a mellow ninja.

Zen Thread’s Bob Dylan T-Shirt. I believe this is off a photo from the Royal Albert Hall concert where a Dylan fan yells out, “Judas!” and he replies “I don’t believe you” then rips off a version of “Like a Rolling Stone” that will melt your face. Yeah, that’s the one.

TechnoChic Floppy Disk Coasters. These are the perfect mates to the rocket ship pint glasses. Added bonus: My ninth-grade history term paper on World War II is on disk two. Oh wait, that’s my bootleg copy of Choplifter.

Krutty Ranks Atlantic Records T-Shirt. It’s the label that produced John Coltrane, The Velvet Underground, Otis Redding, The Allman Brothers and Crosby Stills and Nash. It’s also the label that produced RATT, Twisted Sister and Debbie Gibson. But come on, they produced Loaded!

Images Under Glass Lab Geek Recycled Glass Cufflinks. Because someday I will have to wear cufflinks and they might as well be made of recycled glass and force me to say, “No I’m not a scientist at all. I just dig these cuff links. They’re made of recycled glass, you know.”

Beadwork by Amanda’s Blue Giant Circuit Keychain. The last keychain I had was a little pewter Curious George. This one seems a bit manlier. Plus, that thing used to be in a computer or something, so its pretty sweet.

Housenmouse’s Vintage Apple Computers Rainbow Mesh Hat. Fair warning: The seller apparently sucks so it may not arrive until next Christmas. Also, this product is not green at all, so probably shouldn’t be on the list. But hey, 80s mesh hat with the old Apple logo, sweet!

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  1. I so want that robot ornament. It’s mine, dude.

  2. This much simpler yet It’s appreciative. Being a lovely person who loves giving simple gifts, this post helped me having a more idea what to spent for gifts specially to men. Thanks!

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