Turning Cyber Monday Into Green Gift Monday

The concept is pretty simple. Every year we spend more and more on Cyber Monday, and throughout the holiday season for that matter, trying to find that perfect present. But honestly, do you even remember what you got last year? Maybe it’s time to alleviate some of the stress and make things simpler at the same time.

That’s why we came up with Green Gift Monday. We want to encourage you to give gifts that actually make a difference. Over the next few weeks we’ll highlight some meaningful and responsible gift ideas, you just have to find some you like. You don’t have to fight the crowds at the mall and the presents you give will be much more memorable.

But we also need to spread the word. Here are some simple ways you can help.

  1. Have a blog? Support the campaign in a post and link back to the Green Gift Monday page (https://blog.nature.org/green-gift-monday/). We’ll be promoting your posts there too.
  2. Promote Green Gift Monday through your social media channels. Post on Facebook or Tweet about it and remember to use the hashtag #GGM2010.
  3. Not into social media? Just comment on posts here and visit our partner sites.
  4. Most importantly, support the concept. When making purchases for the holidays, on Green Gift Monday and throughout the season, try to give the gift of green.

Like the idea of being green this holiday season? Have some ideas already? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

(Image: Green ribbon on a tree. Image credit: quinn.anya/Flickr through a Creative Commons license.)

If you believe in the work we’re doing, please lend a hand.


  1. very good job! i love what you do and i really appreciate your commitement to environment.

  2. I don’t have a gift idea but a Christmas idea. I live in La Pine OR where my house is surrounded by trees. Instead of bringing a tree inside I will use solar lights and popcorn, and cranberry garlands and suet bells and balls and celebrate with my feathered friends. There is no reason to cut a tree down when you live in the forest.

  3. I’ve been dreading all the Christmasy stuff around lately… I get sick of it by the time Christmas rolls around, so my plan is to block it all out until December. THIS however makes me so excited! Excellent, simple idea that could have a ton of good impact! Tweeting away!

  4. My husband has been buying gifts like crazy. All these gifts are packaged in cardboard boxes. I have raised vegetable beds. They need some nice bedding for the winter. Cardboard boxes, meet the earth face-to-face. Spread cardboard directly on the ground and cover with layers of newsprint, leaves, grass, etc. REPEAT. By spring, you will have lovely, tillable soil friendly to beneficial insects who break down soil and ADD ORGANIC MATTER.

  5. I get stressed this time of year, because of advertising, etc. I love this idea. I am always looking for ideas to reuse things. So far, here is what I have started. Check out site, newspaperbagproject.com/…for another great way to use newspaper for wrapping gifts. I already wrap presents in newspaper, but this project is fun because everyone loves using gift bags. Not only that but once you have used it until it breaks, you can put it into your garden or compost. Another idea, braided rugs using old clothing..I cleared out my closet and now am using those pieces of clothing to make a rug for some friends. This is the link to the video on YouTube that I used. (youtube.com/watch?v=yGr-LiPboEY)

  6. Here’s a gift idea for 2011: From November 4-December 11, Community Agroecology Network (CAN) is selling a holiday gift package containing a package of 1 lb of AgroEco coffee (whole bean or ground; light or dark roast), two Equal Exchange chocolate bars, and a card. You can also include a donation to the Nicaraguan Youth Scholarship Fund in the amount of $5, $10, 0r $25.

    CAN‘s mission is to sustain rural livelihoods and environments by integrating research, education, and trade innovations. By choosing this gift, you will be supporting CAN’s business model of promoting social equity by returning 20% more to the farmer than Fair Trade price.

    Purchase at store.communityagroecology.net. Happy holidays!

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