Sure, rivers have spurred generations of crooners to wax poetic about their wandering ways.

But nothing will spur a person to drink like thinking about the impacts of climate change.

Unfortunately, the impacts of climate change won’t be limited to people and nature alone. The very libations we depend on will be affected.

For those of us who believe in what the climate science is telling us (and what we are seeing with our very own eyes), here are some of the “impacts” climate change will have on three of the world’s most famous drinks.

1. The Long Island Iced Tea will become the Sinking Island Iced Tea.

2. Orange juice and vodka will be known as the We’re Screwedriver.

3. Island vacationers will have to order a No More Sex on the Beach.

What will you be drinking in 50 years time?

(Image: Sex on the Beach drink (at left) and margarita. Image credit: Stephen Witherden/Wikimedia.)

If you believe in the work we’re doing, please lend a hand.

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