Going greener for the New Year? Or are you sick and tired of resolutions that don’t stick? Leave a comment — let us know what you’re doing (or not doing) to save the planet in 2010!

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If you believe in the work we’re doing, please lend a hand.


  1. I am finally, this year, going to figure out how to wash my plastic sandwich bags and reuse them. Seriously.

    1. One of my colleagues has supplied me with an answer to the sandwich bag dilemma: Reusies. No, I am not endorsing them — yet. But I may…

  2. To buy less packaging products and to start composting more!

  3. Reduce my co2 footprint to 4 tons/year, the amount necessary for global level of co2 to equal 350ppm. It won’t be easy I live in a poorly planned suburb and can’t afford a new car or solar panels. You can follow my trials and triumphs at greenmidwest.blogspot.com and follow me on twitter @GreenMidwest

  4. I am striving to protect and preserve a natural habitat of the indigenous Amazona Guildingii parrot of St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

  5. I just installed a 95% plus natural gas furnace and a tankless water heater. All of our lights are cfl in our home. I teach a Building Trades High School Program were I talk with students about energy conservation.

  6. I am looking forward to learning about many new green ideas and products to share with my students.

  7. ESTATE STYLE PROMOTING IT to help reduce carbon foot print for everyone by creating outdoor living space, reducing Air-cond summer,Increase heat winter-clean air, less watering,maintenance costs,while improving habit for native butterflys,birds & animals Win-Win-Cost effect for everyone!

  8. I am focusing on the program based in Great Britain, 10:10 that recently gave us “The Age of Stupid” which is well worth a watch and then find ways to reduce your energy consumption by 10% in 2010.

  9. My Ecoresolution although probably not for 2010 is

    Why if we own part of the Amazonian we don’t even appear in the program HELP SAVE THE RAINFOREST from the Nature Conservancy??

    Why after one year of research I could only find one reforestation project sponsor by france.

    Is it risk??? Then why are the so many more projects in Ecuador..don’t you Colombian guerrillas are fleeing to Ecuador and Venezuela.

    By denying investing in Colombia the only thing they are doing is condemning us to eternal poverty. If young people are not given opportunities they will kep joining guerillas, and guerrillas are not robin hoods as they pledge internationally they are a CANCER TO OUR COUNTRY, you can research and they haven’t been not one school, not one playgroung, not one road, HAVE DONE NOTHING FOR THE POOR BUT BRING GRIEF AND POVERTY


  10. I don’t use plastic sandwich bags: use “hard” plastic, reusable sandwich boxes or just wrap in wax paper like Mamma used to do.
    Bury all food waste in the backyard garden for instant composting. (no meat)
    I never buy sodas, so no soda bottles ever. Healthier.
    I never use chemicals in the yard. Clean in the house with vinegar. It is an excellent cleaner and sanitizer. Also good for laundry.
    Talk to oldsters who grew up before plastics. We know how to live without them.

  11. Get plastic bags banned and keep working on reducing the use/sale of plastic water bottles in my city.

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