One small step for man edition:

  1. It’s not called ACES in the Senate, it’s called ACELA. Which is weird because I thought that name was already taken. (@ACELAclimateBil)
  2. FiveThirtyEight genius Nate Silver thinks he can make some money from this whole climate change thing and has put out an open call to climate change skeptics for a friendly wager. (@kate_sheppard)
  3. In a wide-ranging blog entry for The Huffington Post, Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) compares the climate change fight to the moonshot, and (oddly) legislation that gave birth to satellite television. Markey insists the clean energy race is “more important for America to win (and, thankfully, easier)” than the moonshot. Buzz Aldrin may quibble with that last bit. (@samshiff)
  4. On Wednesday, the Senate Agriculture Committee will explore the role agriculture and forestry will play in climate change legislation. The farm lobby held a lot of sway in the House and could potentially have more influence in the Senate, according to ClimateWire. (@MeghanMcNamara)
  5. You too CCAN influence climate change legislation. The Chesapeake Climate Action Network is writing a series on how to influence ACES. Step 1: Write letters! (@samboykin)

(image: carrotcreative, used under a creative commons license.)

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