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  1. Think ACES is going to be the end of coal as we know it? Think again. SolveClimate reports that 43 old fashioned coal-fired power plants that are either already under construction or into the permitting process will come online without the performance standards written into the bill. (@SharonHayes)
  2. The American Farm Bureau does not like international offsets and says they represent a “transfer of wealth” out of the country. In fact, International offsets are a way for U.S. companies to secure offsets at a lower price. They’re also great for avoiding deforestation in developing countries and getting them involved in global climate negotiations. (@kate_sheppard)
  3. Whenever a bunch of Novel Laureates get together, they get a lot of attention. Today, 34 of these super smarties are calling on Congress to include the president’s proposed $150 billion Clean Energy Technology Fund in ACES. Currently the bill only includes one fifteenth of that amount. (@dgerber2777)
  4. Blueprints are long and exhaustive documents. But they’re also pretty interesting. Union of Concerned Scientists has a new blueprint out on creating a clean energy economy that they say will create $1.7 trillion in net cumulative savings between 2010 and 2030. (@kycarrie)
  5. In many ways the race to address global climate change is also a race to corner the market in the next phase of the global economy. The Washington Post thinks the United States could lose this race to “clean-tech tigers” India, South Korea, China and Japan which are pouring money into green energy development. (@JesseJenkins)
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