With Sarah Palin penning an incendiary op-ed in The Washington Post today on the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES) this morning and the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works holding hearings on the bill, there’s plenty of tweet action on ACES today.

Here are five things I learned about ACES in five minutes on Twitter:

  1. Marking the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, Loving Tomorrow Today is the latest in a series of voices calling on President Obama to make a “we choose the moon”-type speech on climate change and creating a new energy economy. Such a speech would position the United States as a leader in technology and and provide a clear goal, says LTT. (@lovetomorrow)
  2. Warren Buffett believes in climate change and believes we need to make CO2 reductions, he just doesn’t like the way ACES does it. Bloomberg’s Eric Pooley takes a scalpel to Buffett’s arguments, saying the Oracle of Omaha doesn’t like the bill because his electric utility, MidAmerica Energy Holdings, made some bad business decisions and failed to anticipate CO2 regulations. (@russ_walker)
  3. OK, just one on Palin’s op-ed. Conor Clarke, writing for Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish, notes the errors in Palin’s analysis of the bill, saying she displays an “ignorance for the subject so profound it’s almost gutsy.” As a side not, Clarke provides one of the better descriptions of cap-and-trade I’ve seen in awhile: “The point of cap and trade is to solve a problem of social cost: As an energy consumer, I am imposing a cost on society (pollution) that I do not take into account when I make the original decision to consume.” (@DailyClimate)
  4. We need renewable energy — wind and solar — to combat climate change, but where do we put it? That’s the question being debated by East Coast and Midwest lawmakers in favor of climate change legislation, according to The New York Times. The best place for big-time solar and wind is out in the West, but East Coast folks want the new energy — and the jobs it will create — closer to home. What’s that? All politics is local? (@USClimateLaw)
  5. Lamar Alexander’s talking points on ACES are as followed: Climate change is real and we need to deal with it. We should deal with it by building 100 new nuclear power plants in the next 20 years and electrifying cars. Renewable like wind and solar will create mass energy sprawl and ruin our natural and scenic landscapes. (@ecowind)

(Image: Sarah Palin at a 2008 McCain campaign rally. Credit: geerlingguy through a Creative Commons license.)

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