The Montana Curlews Are Moving Out!


In late June, I posted about the new project to track Long-billed Curlew migrations from eastern Montana.

Well, the fall migration has started for these birds and they are moving out!

As of early this week, 4 of the 7 birds had taken off and left the Montana prairie for points south. Currently, one bird is in northeastern Colorado, another in very eastern New Mexico, and the other 2 are in northeastern Durango State, Mexico, very close to each other.

The initial data suggests that the flights south were very rapid, taking only a few days to reach these destinations. Of course, we are still waiting to see if they continue further south or make other movements. A map should be available soon, so keep checking in.

(Image: Long-billed curlew flying above Great Salt Lake, Utah. Source: Lynda Richardson.)

If you believe in the work we’re doing, please lend a hand.

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