Unfortunately, it appears so.

 Conservancy wildlife biologist Monica Folk sent in this update today:

We followed [parents] George and Gracie around their territory for over an hour yesterday, but their behavior did not lead us to believe that Uno remains alive. We believe that a predator took her after she fledged, during her first vulnerable days out of the nest.

While this is sad for all of us who’ve been watching Uno grow up since she hatched on May 11, there is still plenty of good news coming out of  the red-cockaded woodpecker reintroduction at The Disney Wilderness Preserve in Florida.

Monica reports that a second wave of nesting seems to be underway. And there appears to be plenty of food (in the form of insects) to fuel these proficient breeders. Says Monica:

When the first batch of nests fail, it’s common for birds to regroup for a couple of weeks and then create a second wave. This year’s first efforts were probably doomed by the early drought and shortage of insects. 

Monica and her crew will be out checking for new eggs toward the end of next week, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, enjoy looking back on some great video from the breeding season so far and follow our reality blog “Knock on Wood” about the trials and tribulations of love, dating and parenting for these special red-cockaded woodpeckers.

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