We haven’t updated you recently on the prospects of Uno, the red-cockaded woodpecker hatchling at our Disney Wilderness Preserve that we showed you video of a few weeks back, looking all transparent and gross (and precious and beautiful, too, because all life is beautiful, of course).

Well, Uno’s growing up fast and looking a lot better — and the story has grown.  Not only is Uno big enough to be identified as probably a girl (see video above), but there are now four active RCW nests at Disney Wilderness — with the first red-cockaded woodpeckers to hatch in this part of Florida in almost four decades.

The prospects for the hatchlings have been pronounced “greatly improved” now that 13 inches of rain fell in May in some areas of central Florida — meaning that the wetlands are full and the supply of bugs (which the RCW parents feed to their kids) is exploding. See below for video of two of the hatchlings being banded on May 20th — and follow the latest from the nests on our reality blog “Knock on Wood” and the Twitter account of @ForrestRCW, one of the woodpecker adults.

If you believe in the work we’re doing, please lend a hand.


  1. Una?

    1. I think it’s a reference to the card game, but we’ll investigate.

  2. Oops, sorry I meant to only copy in the updated info on Uno as I thought others might be interested, over zealous copy and past keys!!

    “Disappointed again! We followed George and Gracie around their territory for over an hour yesterday, but their behavior did not lead us to believe that Uno remains alive. We believe that a predator took her after she fledged, during her first vulnerable days out of the nest.”

    That really is a shame, nature is weird and wonderful all the same! Thanks Robert.

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