That’s right — a reality blog about woodpeckers. But why?

Because after two years of successful reintroduction, red-cockaded woodpeckers (RCW for short) are now attempting to nest in prepared cavities all over The Nature Conservancy’s beautifully restored Disney Wilderness Preserve in Florida. Which will be the first pair to see their chicks hatch in this region of the state since the early 1970s?

Knock on Wood follows a number of RCW couples as they prepare their nest cavities and lay their first nests of eggs. Right now, George and Gracie are in the lead with four eggs (see above), followed by a single egg for Rhett and Scarlett. Some say that chicks — and a thriving RCW population — will confirm the restoration’s complete success.

Follow all the action and melodrama — ghost-written by our able bloggers Monica Folk and Judy Althaus from The Nature Conservancy in Florida — on the Knock on Wood reality blog. And follow the triumphs and frustrations of Forrest the RCW on (what else?) Twitter!

(Image: George and Gracie’s four eggs. Credit: TNC.)

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