Climate change has the world’s attention now, but not too long ago most people hadn’t even heard of it.

So what’s next in conservation?

Twelve experts from The Nature Conservancy weigh in with their ideas for the future of protecting nature — everything from creating a Dow Jones Average for the environment to getting urbanites interested in nature.

Read what they have to say — and then post a comment telling us what you think the next big idea in conservation will be.

(Image: View from a cliff in Ecuador. Source: Mark Godfrey/TNC.)

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  1. I think the Boston idea is a good one, but I was a little disappointed that it was not on an even smaller micro scale. When I read the teaser line for the article, I’d leaped to the assumption that someone had figured out how to capture electricity from the flow of water into and out of an individual house, energy that could either be used by that house or given back to the grid. I realize the amount of electricity would be small individually, but it was a cool idea to think that flushing my toilet, taking a shower, or washing my clothes would generate electricity…. Summing that up over the number of households in a city, or maybe doing it for hotels and apartment complexes and office buildings might be a larger scale start.

  2. The forest service urges us here in the pined areas of Colorado Springs to scrape up all but 2 or so inches of pine needles for fire prevention. Literally TONS of these get thrown in landfills every year. Some one needs to figure out how to turn these highly flammable materials into pellets for pellet stoves. You can only compost so much.

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