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Florida Pythons on the Loose
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Hilarious clip above of Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, pretending to find out that the descendants of escaped pet Burmese pythons are invading the state of Florida. (Alison Higgins of The Nature Conservancy in Florida provides the money quote in a clip from Fox News, saying: “It’s a nationwide issue.”)

Why pretending? Because Jon of course has read the story about how the Conservancy is helping stop the python invasion of the Florida Keys…said pythons swimming several miles from the mainland across open ocean to get to said Keys.

Oh — you haven’t read it, either? About 1-800-IVE-GOT-1? About how FedEx and UPS drivers are the best tipsters, because the pythons like to sun themselves on roads? About how to “treadmill” a snake to make it think it’s getting away while you capture it?

What are you waiting for?

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