kreward_posterThey call the Ivory-billed woodpecker the Holy Grail of birds.

But what might be the last push to find it involves a reward and a “wanted” poster reminiscent of something you’d see on the wall of an old-time post office.

You may recall the excitement nearly five years ago when a video clip was released of the bird — long considered extinct — in the Big Woods bottomland hardwood forest of Arkansas.

But no additional definitive proof of the Ivory-billed’s existence has emerged, despite three annual searches funded by The Nature Conservancy, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Now, an anonymous citizen is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the sighting of the bird — complete with a wanted poster (see above).

“This is our fourth year of organized searching,” says Allan Mueller, avian conservation manager for The Nature Conservancy in Arkansas.

We really need to get the picture. While this is an important effort, some positive result is needed to assure continued funding [for the searches].”

Darci Palmquist’s feature about the latest on the search says that “Mueller and other conservationists are hoping the $50,000 reward will help intensify this year’s search effort and result in the evidence needed. The reward could motivate people who know and frequent the Big Woods — particularly hunters and anglers, who are among the most active conservationists in the area today.”

The 2004 interest sparked not just publicity, but direct conservation results: the protection of thousands of acres, some of which have been added to the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge in the Big Woods.

Definitive evidence could provide inspiration to conservationists and bird-lovers everywhere.

If you have an Ivory-billed woodpecker sighting to report, please contact your state’s Nature Conservancy chapter with photos.

If you believe in the work we’re doing, please lend a hand.


  1. how do i know if i am watching an ivory billed woodpecker?

    1. june 9 early morning i observed an ivory billed woodpecker for more than 2hrs in my back yard nearly 2ft tall his eyes a lite blueish gray not yellow or red like in some painting.. ill video r take a few photos and show you..very goodlooking bird

    2. I live in NW Florida near Choctahachee River. I saw an ivorybilled woodpecker in back yard he is a loud bird, when i looked i saw this huge bird on a dead tree. He was alot bigger than the family of woodpeckers i have so i googled him and found out wat he was. I knew he was different he reminded me of a roadrunner. Bigger and mu ch louder. I will get pic of hin.

  2. We Have a Ivory Woodpecker that lives in the woods in our back yard in Bella Vista, Ar. I didn’t know what it was until I brought up pictures of it on the enternet. I have be watching for it due to the strange sound it makes, and when I finally spotted it in the trees, I looked it up to see what kind of Woodpecker it was. I did not realize it was such a rare bird. It has stayed in this area for the last month, because I hear it almost every day. I can’t always spot it because of the leaves on the trees. Is it the male that has the red crest on its head?

    1. I live in Bella Vista…what is your address that you saw the ivory bill?

      1. i live in east texas and i seen the ivory billed woodpecker less than 10ft away for nearly 2hrs before i gently shhish it away that was june,9 2016

  3. I live in bella vista. I have a pileated woodpecker in my back yard, but haven’t seen the ivory bill.

  4. Miss June Stirek, this is June of 2015….have you seen the ivory bill woodpecker lateley? Do you live on Lord Nelson drive in Bella Vista? just trying to get the general location where the bird is.

  5. we have a.pair of.these wood peckers in our yard I.have photos of them

  6. I have just found one in my back yard. If it is the same woodpecker I think it is I’ve been hearing him for 5 years. I just now got a picture!

  7. I have a pair of ivory billed woodpeckers living in my back yard in ocean pines Maryland. I used to feed them and all my other birds but the darn squirrels keep eating the food and shewing away the birds. It’s still here.

    1. They are still here I looked at the photos of both the ivory billed and the pileated woodpeckers and I definetly have the ivory billed it has lots of white in it kinda reminds me of a zebra.

  8. I have them in my backyard in ocean pines, Maryland. I am trying to get photos. I made sure they weren’t the other kind of woodpecker.

  9. I have seen an ivory billed woodpecker. The first time it was a shock to see such a large woodpecker, now there is 2 near my house. Chattanooga, TN

  10. on jan 23, 2017 i got 5ft from the ivory billed woodpecker and took a good 5min crystal clear video of it ..beautiful bird least 2ft tall wing span 3/4ft wing span…in TEXAS’

  11. Me and my daughter took pictures of a woodpecker and it was big it was black red and white with a big white beck I’ve never seen this bird I live in central Alabama

  12. I’m from south Louisiana an they have about 3 that stays in my back yard.

  13. There is a pair of these woodpeckers , that live behind my mom’s house in Arkansas, is there really a reward for the pics , she could sure use the money for medical insurance. The woodpeckers have been coming there for years. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless. 870-253-2312

  14. i have live footage of the ivory-billed woodpecker i have been having trouble getting a hole of the right people’s and i just want to know is there still a reward out for the extinct bird but to reach me my contact number is 870-270-0872

  15. So is there still a reward for pics of this bird. I have one that comes to my yard in Fl. Once in awhile.

  16. I have a Ivory flying around in my back yard I am trying to catch a picture of him

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