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The Best Places to See 10 Iconic American Animals

What better way to celebrate the July 4 holiday than with some iconic American animals. Here’s our list of the best places to see some of the coolest critters in the US.

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The Lessons of Epic Birding Failures

One birder recounts the lessons of epic birding failures.

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Consider the Catbird: The Surprising Secrets of a Common Backyard Bird

Take a look outside and you may well see a gray catbird. But this common backyard bird is full of surprises. Where did it come from? Will it return? Ornithologist Joe Smith takes a look at the science of this long-distance migrant.

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Extreme Birding: The Big Night

One birder takes on an epic challenge: birding from sundown to sunup in a Big Night.

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Watching for Causes of Kestrel Decline

Dive into a citizen science project combining nest cams and one of America’s coolest raptors with the American Kestrel Partnership.

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Nest Cam of the Month: Peregrine Falcons

High above the city, the peregrine soars, littering the sidewalk with bird parts. Take a look into the nest of one of the most incredible (and urban) predators on earth.

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Blood, Birds, and Ticks

Using data from the Mad Island Marsh bird hotspot, researchers are studying the ticks and tick-borne pathogens birds carry to the United States.

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The Hidden Hazards of Learning to Bird

The latest in the Zero to Hero: Birding series where — among other things — our newbie birder discovers that not everyone automatically assumes she’s using those binoculars for birding.

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A Day in the Life of A Bird Bander at Mad Island Marsh

A day in the life of a bird bander at the Conservancy’s Mad Island Marsh Preserve.

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What’s the World’s Largest Bird Feeder? You’ll Never Guess

What’s the world’s largest human-created source of bird food? Hint: it’s not in your backyard. And it creates an interesting dilemma for conservationists.

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Nest Cam of the Month: Barred & Barn Owls

Nesting season is in full swing! Check out April’s featured nest cams ⎯ barred and barn owls.

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Zero to Hero: Birding Edition

Can someone who can’t tell a house finch from a song sparrow become an expert birder in four months? Our blogger is about to find out.

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Counting Red Knots: Keeping Tabs on a Threatened Bird

Sometimes it pays to be old school. For two decades, two researchers have been counting shorebirds the old fashioned way, one bird at a time.

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Ready, Set, Bird: 6 Spring Migration Hotspots

Spring migration is underway, so dust off your binoculars and check out our picks for great spring birding hotspots.

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Nest Cam of the Month: Bald Eagles

Nest cams give you an up-close view of everyday avian drama. Check out March’s featured nest cam ⎯ the Decorah bald eagles.

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Enjoy Osprey Cam Live!

The Ospreys Are Back!
Live views, 24/7, of an Alabama osprey nest. Record your observations and ask our ecologist about what you’re seeing.

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