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Citizen Science Tuesday: Kestrel Cam

Dive into a citizen science project combining nest cams and one of America’s coolest raptors with the American Kestrel Partnership.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: Likin’ Lichens

Get out a hand lens or microscope and discover the amazing world of lichens. No, that’s not an oxymoron.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: BowerBird

Do you want to protect Australian biodiversity? Join BowerBird and share your naturalist observations with a community that can make a difference for conservation!

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Citizen Science Tuesday: BeeSpotter

Have you heard about the plight of the bumble bee? Learn how your pictures could help BeeSpotter conserve these charmingly awkward pollinators.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: Monarch Larva Monitoring Program

Calling all bug collectors, butterfly lovers, gardeners and wannabes! Help the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project understand butterfly population declines.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: Have You Seen This Lizard?

It’s a Texas treasure hunt & this time citizen scientists are seeking the Spot-tailed Earless Lizard (STEL). Join the search for a potentially vanishing lizard!

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Citizen Science Tuesday: Hummingbirds Journey North

It’s time to think about hummingbirds? Now? Yes! Watch for the green shimmer in your yard and report it to help protect these feisty migratory birds.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: 10 Most Popular Projects

As Citizen Science Tuesday nears its first birthday, here is a retrospective of the most popular projects. It’s not too late to participate!

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Citizen Science Tuesday: Great Eggcase Hunt

Want to hunt for mermaid’s purses? Join the Great Eggcase Hunt today to help scientists find and protect the nursery grounds of sharks and rays.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: iNaturalist

Around 1.6 million species are known to science. What’s in your neighborhood? Join iNaturalist, a citizen scientist community that’s cataloging life on Earth and find out.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: AirCasting

Find out what you’re breathing. AirCasting combines citizen science and wearable tech to reveal the hidden pollution in your neighborhood.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: Chicago Wildlife Watch

Wild animals in cities don’t behave like their rural relatives, but what are the rules of urban ecology? Help Chicago Wildlife Watch find out!

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Citizen Science Tuesday: Polar Bears International

Join the polar bear paparazzi! Help Polar Bears International collect conservation data by visiting Churchill, Manitoba and taking pictures.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: IceWatch USA

Heavy snow and cold weather like the “polar vortex” get all the press, but what are the realities given a changing climate? Help IceWatch USA find out by monitoring ice cover in your area.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: Celebrate Urban Birds

A surprising abundance and diversity of birds is waiting for you right in the city. Celebrate Urban Birds will help you find, identify, and study them.

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Enjoy Osprey Cam Live!

The Ospreys Are Back!
Live views, 24/7, of an Alabama osprey nest. Record your observations and ask our ecologist about what you’re seeing.

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