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Citizen Science Tuesday: Floating Forests

You could contribute to citizen science that protects an entire ocean ecosystem without traveling or learning to dive. Try Floating Forests online.

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Schaefer Prairie Preserve Citizen Science

Would you like to learn about the plants and wildlife of an eastern tallgrass prairie, while contributing to science? Visit Schaefer Prairie Preserve!

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Citizen Science Tuesday: SEANET

Today’s citizen science: Survey Atlantic beaches to help sea bird conservation with SEANET.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: COASST

Looking for an excuse to visit the Pacific year round? COASST will give you a reason and a new understanding of the birds and sea creatures around you.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: JellyWatch

Like to go to the beach? JellyWatch gives you a meaningful reason to visit and a new perspective on those stranded jellies and summertime is prime jelly watching time!

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Citizen Science Tuesday: Otter Spotter

If you care about otters and water conservation, try Otter Spotter. See nature, do science, and learn why “Healthy watersheds make healthy ottersheds!”

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Citizen Science Tuesday: Firefly Watch

Fireflies call to mind magical summer nights and the wonder of nature, but people report that they don’t see so many around anymore. Are fireflies disappearing?

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Citizen Science Tuesday: Butterfly Blitz

Butterfly Blitz gets your family outdoors to help scientists understand changes in butterfly communities. Try it, you just might get hooked or netted!

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Citizen Science Tuesday: National Moth Week

Get ready for National Moth Week! Find out about mothing events in your area and how you can contribute to the science on moths.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: Rocky Mountain Amphibian Project

A citizen science program that’s looking for amphibians in Wyoming? Yes, and Boy Scouts find out how you can earn a Merit Badge for that!

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Citizen Science Tuesday: iSeahorse

Citizen Science Tuesday this week: identify some of the cutest ocean creatures, add new data to science, and influence conservation policy with iSeahorse.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: Spotted Bat Survey

Did you ever wonder if bats migrate? This citizen science project is finding out so that conservationists can protect species where they live and travel.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: Hawaii Challenge

Citizen Science Tuesday connects you to projects that benefit conservation. This week: Keep Hawaii beautiful by locating invasive plants for the Hawaii Challenge. And you can help right from your computer!

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Citizen Science Tuesday: FrogWatch USA

Citizen Science Tuesday connects you to projects that benefit conservation. This week: go on a treasure hunt with FrogWatch USA to support declining amphibian populations.

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Citizen Science Tuesday: FieldScope

This is the age of big data, but once you have all of that data, what do you do with it? If citizen scientists are gathering the data, how can they enter it quickly and easily? FieldScope answers these questions.

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Forest Dilemmas

Too many deer. Logging one tree to save another. Beavers versus old growth. Welcome to forest conservation in the 21st century. Join us for a provocative 5-part series exploring the full complexity facing forest conservation in the eastern United States.

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