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Bob Lalasz is the director of science communications at The Nature Conservancy and the editor of the new Cool Green Science. A long-time editor and writer, he was previously the Conservancy's associate director of digital marketing. He now blogs here about the Conservancy's scientific research and on-the-ground work as well as larger conservation science and science communications issues.

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SNAP: Announcing Six New Working Groups & New RFP

Discover all the new issues the Science for Nature and People (SNAP) collaboration will be taking on — including urban water supplies, sustainable ag intensification and fracking’s impacts on water quality and quantity.

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What’s the Dirty Little Secret of Science Communications?

We tell scientists they should communicate better as a public good, says Bob Lalasz. But market forces are pressing a more basic case — one we should embrace.

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Will ‘Cosmos’ Miss the Big Bang in Science Communications?

Can the reincarnation of Carl Sagan’s classic TV series (hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson) be as successful as the original? And what might conservation science learn from the attempt?

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Meet the NatureNet Fellows: Daniel Karp

Meet NatureNet Fellow Daniel Karp and learn about his plan for decision support tools that will help farmers evaluate the benefit of preserving natural habitat.

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Video: Heather Tallis on ‘The Ponzi Scheme for Managing the Planet’

The Nature Conservancy’s lead scientist argues in a new video that the way humans manage natural resources is fundamentally unsustainable — and that investing in nature gives us alternatives.

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Drones in Conservation? Twitter in Conservation? Gaming Google Scholar? & More

Also in this week’s best-of-the-web: Why mangroves are moving northward, the coolest maps of the year, and why that shark photographed in the Cali surf was really a…

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Hunting Lions to Save Them, How Pikas Adapt to Climate Change & More

Also in our Friday best of the web: Crows using tools, country-loving sharks, diapers and population trends, and possibly the greatest conservation success story of 2013.

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Safer Moose Crossings, IPCC Haiku, the Importance of Extinct Giant Birds & More

Also in our Friday best of the web: Vampire squids have an embarrassing secret, why plankton are great at mosquito control, and why you should never, ever feed the animals.

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Does Biodiversity Really Protect Us From Disease?

The idea has gone mainstream over the last year — but new scientific evidence might dash hopes that conservation could be directly relevant to human health.

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Climate Change & Typhoon Haiyan: What’s the Connection, Science?

Was climate change to blame for the intensity of Typhoon Haiyan? The Cooler rounds up climate science literature and scientist responses…and finds a scatterplot of answers.

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Scientists: Is It So Hard to Know Your Audiences?

It’s easy to dump information on people; harder to know what would really speak to them. The good news: We already know more than we think we do.

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New Science: Time to Step Away from the Ecological Footprint?

How sustainably are we managing Earth? A new study co-authored by Conservancy scientist Peter Kareiva says we can’t even answer the question with the most commonly used metric.

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Natural Allies for the Next Sandy: Nicole Maher & Mike Beck in The New York Times

How important are natural habitats in blunting the effects of storms like Hurricane Sandy? The New York Times reports on the question, quoting Conservancy scientists Nicole Maher and Mike Beck.

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‘Competent But Cold': New Research on Why Scientists Don’t Connect with People

Why doesn’t the public trust scientists? New research says they’re in the “envy” group of professions — respected but cold, and resented by the rest of us. Is there a way out?

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Meet the NatureNet Fellows: Wilfred Odadi

He’s completed “some of the most detailed and extensive foraging ecology ever done on cattle in Africa.” Meet NatureNet Fellow Wilfred Odadi, and learn what his research means for people, rangeland management and wildlife in northern Kenya.

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Enjoy Osprey Cam Live!

The Ospreys Are Back!
Live views, 24/7, of an Alabama osprey nest. Record your observations and ask our ecologist about what you’re seeing.

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