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Bob Lalasz is the director of science communications at The Nature Conservancy and the editor of the new Cool Green Science. A long-time editor and writer, he was previously the Conservancy's associate director of digital marketing. He now blogs here about the Conservancy's scientific research and on-the-ground work as well as larger conservation science and science communications issues.

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Eddie Game Takes Over Conservation Letters, a Top Conservation Journal

NGO scientist to lead high-impact conservation science journal! The Conservancy’s Eddie Game explains why that’s a breakthrough — and why most published conservation science is irrelevant to the real world.

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Nature Makes Us Smarter. OK, Now What?

Research says being in nature makes you smarter. But what does that mean, exactly? Bob Lalasz looks at some questions remaining for the science of nature’s cognitive benefits.

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Go to Your Happy Place: Understanding Why Nature Makes Us Feel Better

Experiences in nature make us feel better — but why? Scientist Greg Bratman is lifting the lid on what’s happening in our brains — and his research might revolutionize the way we use and conserve green space.

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Peter Kareiva on “What’s Good for Nature is Good for Business”

The Nature Conservancy’s chief scientist joins an Intelligence Squared debate on whether capitalism and healthy nature are compatible. Watch the video.

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Can We Restore…Everything? 100 Words from Hobbs, Ellis, Marvier & Others

Is the concept of the “novel ecosystem” — that which human activity has irreversibly morphed into a new state — a dangerous one for conservation? We asked seven scientists for their quick takes.

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Craig Groves Named SNAP Executive Director

The globally recognized conservation leader and Conservancy science veteran takes over the Science for Nature and People initiative.

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Working With Loggers for Forest Conservation: New E&E News Series

Is logging compatible with forest conservation? E&E News investigates with a three-part series featuring the work of Nature Conservancy scientist Peter Ellis & others.

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Why Conservation Letters is Going 100% Open Access

Most conservation science is stuck behind paywalls — but now one of its highest-impact journals is making all its content free. Eddie Game — TNC senior scientist & Letters associate editor — explains why.

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Bark in the Park: How are Dogs Affecting Open Spaces?

Rover might be your best friend — but do you really know how he’s affecting your favorite park and its wildlife when you let him off leash there?

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Emma Marris on Wolves, New Conservation & Kids Playing in National Parks

Author Emma Marris talks about her new crowdfunded writing project on wolves, why she doesn’t like being called a “new” conservationist, and why the National Parks need to loosen up about kids at play.

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Brian Richter’s ‘Chasing Water': Smarter Solutions for the Coming Water Scarcity

Many of the world’s cities are ill-prepared to face impending water shortages over the next decades. Conservancy scientist Brian Richter’s new book says the answer lies in people power.

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Two Awards for Matt Miller

The Conservancy’s Matt Miller has won two awards from the Outdoor Writers Association of America for his Cool Green Science blogging.

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Meet the NatureNet Fellows: Dan Auerbach

NatureNet Fellow Dan Auerbach is working to strengthen the ‘business case’ for water funds. His work could change the way that people perceive and value water.

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The Atchafalaya River Basin: The Future of Nature?

Louisiana’s Atchafalaya River Basin isn’t just “Swamp People” — it’s 1 million acres of amazing biodiversity and heavily engineered nature covered by decades of science. Learn why the Conservancy’s Bryan Piazza just had to write a book about it.

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Coral Reefs & Climate Change: What the New IPCC Report Says

The IPCC’s new report on climate change puts coral reefs front and center. Is there still time to save them? The Nature Conservancy’s Mark Spalding walks us through the science.

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Enjoy Osprey Cam Live!

The Ospreys Are Back!
Live views, 24/7, of an Alabama osprey nest. Record your observations and ask our ecologist about what you’re seeing.

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