DIY: Naturally Dyed Yarn

DIY: How to Dye Yarn Naturally

Written by Megan Latour

I am such a huge fan of the holidays. I’m a sucker for tradition (and thankfully, so is my husband), and we go full-tilt with the sights, scents, gatherings (and, of course, FOODS) that mark the season.

I also love to give. I take great pride in my gift giving and I often lean upon my own knitting skills to create a unique item tailored specifically for the person in question. My relatives love receiving something made just for them, and I love that I can give them something that doesn’t come from a big box store. My knitting friends are especially appreciative, since they understand first-hand the time and effort spent on its creation.

Whether you’re a knitter or not, if you have a crafty person on your list this year, consider giving them something truly special: yarn naturally hand-dyed by you! It’s a green gift that you can boast was made especially for them. Talk about being a holiday superstar! Now, have no fear: it’s fun, easy, doesn’t cost much and is a great craft project in and of itself to do with kids.

I’ll walk you through it! Learn how »

Megan Latour is a Marketing & Communications Manager for The Nature Conservancy in New Hampshire.

[Image: Naturally dyed yarn. Image source: Lori Johnson]