DIY: Fall Leaf Garland

Green Gift Holidays: DIY Fall Leaf Garland

Written by Madeline Breen

Love fall foliage? Now you can bring fall’s vibrant colors indoors with this easy DIY project, perfect for Thanksgiving decor! This craft project uses beeswax to preserve the color and shape of fallen leaves, allowing you enjoy fall color throughout the entire holiday season.


DIY Fall Leaf Garland

-Fallen leaves with stems in-tact in a variety of colors and shapes
-String for hanging – we used raffia ribbon
-Clothespins or glue gun


Fall Leaf Garland: Prep the Beeswax

1) Prep the beeswax. If we’re being honest, cutting the block of wax may be the most challenging part of the project! We started with a serrated knife and ended up using pure muscle to break it in half. You’ll only need about ¼ of a pound.

DIY Fall Leaf Garland: melt the wax

2) Melt the wax. Your first instinct may be to microwave it, but a double boiler will keep the wax melted throughout the process. Careful not to boil it.

DIY Fall Leaf Garland: dip the leaves

3) Dip the leaves. Once the wax has melted, holding the stem, carefully dip the leaf in the wax.

DIY Fall Leaf Garland: drying wax leaves

4) Dry the leaves. Hold the leaf for about 30 seconds to dry and then lay flat to continue drying. Once dry, we recommend double-dipping to ensure the leaves are coated enough.

DIY Fall Leaf Garland: attach the leaves

6) Hang. Now you’re ready to hang! Using either clothespins or a glue gun, attach your wax-covered leaves to the string or ribbon.

Green Gift Holidays: DIY Fall Leaf Garland

7) Enjoy! Hang, stand back, and admire your work! The garland looks great along a mantle or in a window.

Madeline Breen is an editorial manager for The Nature Conservancy. She thanks her mom — and Martha Stewart — for the help and inspiration for this craft project.

[All images © Madeline Breen/TNC]