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Giving Thanks to Salmon: Sustainers of the Great Bear Rainforest

Written by | November 16th, 2012


Within the Great Bear Rainforest, nearly every living being has reason to be thankful for the great runs of salmon that surge through forested streams each year about this time.

Knowledge Flows During Herring Season

Written by | April 17th, 2012


For a group of Heiltsuk First Nation fourth-graders, learning about their community’s connection to herring is about much more than history — it’s about the future of Great Bear Rainforest.

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, Feb. 26

Written by | February 26th, 2009


  Let’s start off the day with a little science entertainment. Enjoy… but don’t forget to read the rest of our morning round-up of green news. Singing Scientists: What could be better? The Great Beyond posts some of their favorite musical numbers from scientists across the spectrum. Warning: you could spend all morning watching these. […]

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