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An Energy Diet: Cut Back on Water, Pay More Attention to Fish

Written by | November 22nd, 2012


Do you know how much water it takes to turn on your lights? Or how many fish are imperiled when you power up your computer? A new study takes stock of how our energy choices impact water and fish.

Cool Green Morning: Friday, June 25

Written by | June 24th, 2011


Cool Green Friday!

  1. Solar and wind developers are making use of abandoned lands known as “brownfields.” (YaleE360)
  2. Play a video game and solve climate change. Really, it’s that simple. (Treehugger)
  3. One of the world’s oddest animals might have trouble adapting to climate change. (Conservation Journal Watch)
  4. Victory in the Serengeti! The Tanzania government cancels plans to build a road through the park. (Mongabay)
  5. The Arizona wildfire hasn’t been kind to endangered wildlife. (HuffPostGreen)

Cool Green Morning: Monday, June 15

Written by | June 15th, 2009


I count four out of five hot green links in today’s Coolness as incontrovertibly positive! That’s some kind of record…and if you don’t like windy days (and I don’t), it’s five out of five. Read on, and get happy… President Obama announced Friday he’s creating the Ocean Policy Task Force to craft a U.S. national […]

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, Feb. 12

Written by | February 12th, 2009


  Would Darwin be shocked by the news coming out of the environmental world today? Read on and decide for yourself… The Darwin 200: The Great Beyond provides a wrap-up of all the Darwin hoopla out on the internet. Hamster Power: In the search for renewable energy sources, researchers at Georgia Tech are testing out hamster […]

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