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An Alaska Salmon Stream Gets New Life in More Ways Than One

Written by | February 24th, 2012


A salmon stream in Alaska was once so damaged it was thought to be beyond repair, and it had a name that reflected that feeling. Now the stream, and it’s new name, are beautiful examples of restoration.

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, February 9

Written by | February 9th, 2012


Looking for the worst possible Valentine’s Day present? It might be that new flower.

  1. The global ice melt from the past decade would flood the entire U.S. (TreeHugger)
  2. Wild salmon are not holding up a new study suggests. (Green)
  3. A newly discovered relative of the ‘corpse flower,’ smells like … (National Geographic)
  4. The Americas are on a collisions course with Eurasia, will create next supercontinent. (NPR)
  5. Do we finally know why zebras evolved their black and white stripes? (BBC)

How to Keep Salmon in the Trees

Written by | October 22nd, 2010


In the Tongass, salmon need the forest and the forest needs the salmon. To help keep this relationship in balance, Rob Bosworth, a Conservancy fish biologist, has a goal: restore 500 miles of salmon streams.

Pulling the Nets: Notes From a Summer of Salmon

Written by | August 30th, 2010


The sockeye salmon fishing season in Alaska is over… read Conservancy staffer Dustin Solberg’s final thoughts from his stint working on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska’s Bristol Bay, aka the “‘center of the wild salmon universe.”

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