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Solving Problems That Don’t Exist—Yet

Written by | October 20th, 2010


An extremely rare bird that occurs on only one island off California faces an unusual conservation problem. Our scientist explains the unique ways we’re fighting to save it.

Cool Green Morning: Monday, October 18

Written by | October 18th, 2010


We’ve got a case of the cool green Mondays:

  1. Fearful of West Nile virus, scientists are trapping and vaccinating Santa Cruz Island’s rare scrub jays one by one. (LA Times)
  2. How to purify drinking water without chlorine: add a little silver, cotton and electricity. (CleanTechnica)
  3. A blogger explains why we have to invest in green infrastructure now. (ClimateBiz)
  4. Are toilet seat covers just a waste of paper? (Ask Umbra)
  5. Hey dog owners! Your pooch’s poop could be a source of energy. (The Daily Green)

Invasive Species: National Security Threat?

Written by | December 8th, 2008


Each year, new insects, plants and microbes slip into the United States unnoticed. Most quickly perish, but some wreak havoc: they spread tree diseases, wipe out native species, endanger whole ecosystems. In a global society, such introductions are perhaps inevitable. Conservationists continually warn that prevention is cheaper than control, but with so many other national […]

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