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Is Your Water Garden Wreaking Havoc on Nature?

Written by | July 17th, 2012


Water gardening is a growing trend in the United States, but it comes with a price: $110 million/year in management of invasive aquatic plants. The solution lies in early detection.

Eating Invasives: Delicious or Dangerous?

Written by | May 29th, 2012


Could campaigns to eat kudzu or camels or iguanas actually have the reverse effect? Our blogger weighs the risks and benefits of eating invasives.

Cool Green Morning: Monday, May 21

Written by | May 21st, 2012


Nothing brightens up a dreary Monday morning quite like some great green news:

  1. Did you see it? Our lead scientist, Sanjayan appeared on CBS News this weekend to talk climate change. (CBS)
  2. A new armored lizard was discovered in a landmine-ravaged region of Africa. (Mongabay)
  3. Solar panels: Can they give sight to the blind? (CleanTechnica)
  4. The greenest buildings are usually the oldest ones. (Grist)
  5. The future of weed-killing: possibly lasers? (Treehugger)


Cool Green Morning: Friday, May 21

Written by | May 21st, 2010


Happy Bike-to-Work Day! Reward yourself for a ride well done with these five green links:

  1. The EPA orders BP to use a less-toxic oil dispersant in the Gulf. (Wired)
  2. If you have to drive (and a lot of us do), here’s what you can do to lessen your CARbon impact. (Sorry, that was terrible.) (Ask Umbra)
  3. A new report says that if the climate bill passes, it’ll create a decent number of jobs– about 200,000 a year from 2011-2020. (Green)
  4. Climate change is messing with weeds in Australia, which could be both/either good and/or bad for farmers, gardeners and ecosystems. (Treehugger)
  5. The world’s oceans have gotten significantly warmer since 1993, according to a new study. (YaleE360)

No Spray Zone: Are Pesticides Really Controlling Invasives?

Written by | September 8th, 2009


When faced with invasive, non-native weeds on the range, the first response for many conservationists is to load up a backpack sprayer full of pesticides. Spraying chemicals toxic to wildlife and people — under the auspices of protecting wildlife and people — is often portrayed as a necessary evil if we want to stop the […]

Controlling Wolves, Controlling Weeds

Written by | December 18th, 2008


In the early 1900’s, professionals entered Yellowstone National Park and killed wolves. Lots of wolves. Shooters lined the ridges of Hawk Mountain, Pennsylvania and blasted migrating raptors. Others poisoned badgers and mountain lions and bragged about it. And what were all of these people called in their day? Conservationists. At the time, many “knew” there […]

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