A New Checklist for the Chesapeake Bay

Written by | September 28th, 2011


The double whammy of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee had a major impact on the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Mark Bryer looks at the effects and how to restore the Bay’s resilience for people and nature.

Rising Floodwaters Compel Hard Decisions

Written by | April 29th, 2011


A controversial decision to blow up a levee on the Mississippi and cause an intentional flood pits one state against another. Our Jeff Opperman looks at the science behind the battle.

Cool Green Morning: Friday, December 10

Written by | December 10th, 2010


Should you be having bugs for breakfast on this cool green morning?

  1. A bird once thought to be extinct has been found nesting in the U.S. (Treehugger)
  2. A TED talk explains why you should eat insects instead of meat? (Grist)
  3. Repeat photography from the USGS shows stark change in landscapes. (Wired)
  4. NOAA is restricting fishing off Alaska to protect sea lions. (Green)
  5. Walkable neighborhoods have happier people. (Greenhouse)

Black-Capped Crossbill? I Don’t Think So!

Written by | December 8th, 2010


A mysterious disease is causing major bill deformities for birds, mostly in Alaska. Our avian expert looks at some of the worst effects and the potential causes.

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, August 4

Written by | August 4th, 2009


Feeling sluggish this morning? Our top five Cool Green Morning news links will perk you up! Are kids getting enough exposure to nature? The opinion of one New York Times columnist is  “no.” Read his editorial… and find out why kids need to know what happens when you lick a banana slug. Take it from a […]

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