Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, April 14

Written by | April 14th, 2009


It’s a cool green morning on the East Coast, and we’ve compiled the top five green news stories from the environmental blogosphere. Read on… Condor Killer on the Loose: A private investigator has been hired to find the killer of two endangered California condors. Only about 320 California condors still exist, half of them in captivity. Battle of the […]

Expedition to Palmyra Atoll, Day 6: Should We Help Mother Nature?

Written by | March 4th, 2009


(Editor’s note: Alison Green, senior marine biologist at The Nature Conservancy, is spending the next two weeks diving and exploring Palmyra Atoll as part of the first marine assessment of the atoll. Follow her posts from Palmyra on Cool Green Science…and learn more about the expedition.) During World War II, Palmyra was one of many […]

Ocelots: Tracking America’s Rarest Cat

Written by | February 19th, 2009


The rarest cat in America — the ocelot — lives in the southmost corner of Texas, near Brownsville. It’s a spotted cat, marigold yellow and black, about the size of a small border collie — and a few weeks ago I was asked to go help catch one. Jody Mays works for the U.S. Fish […]

Reward Posted for Evidence of Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

Written by | January 13th, 2009


They call the Ivory-billed woodpecker the Holy Grail of birds. But what might be the last push to find it involves a reward and a “wanted” poster reminiscent of something you’d see on the wall of an old-time post office. You may recall the excitement nearly five years ago when a video clip was released […]

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