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Cool Green Morning: Friday, March 9

Written by | March 9th, 2012


Ready for some green news?

  1. Oh, no big deal, it’s just a live penguin cam! (Grist)
  2. Shipping containers mimics Costa Rican rainforest for endangered frogs. (BBC)
  3. Underwater video cameras prove marine protected areas benefit sharks. (Washington Post)
  4. James Cameron could watch Titanic twice! on his journey to the ocean’s deepest point. (National Geographic)
  5. Urban farms provide sources of healthy food to underserved communities. (Care2)

Our ROV: And the Winning Name Is…

Written by | September 25th, 2009


(drum roll please…) We’ve tallied all the votes from our marine remotely operated vehicle (ROV) naming contest and have come up with a winner . . . the Beagle! The ROV’s new moniker celebrates the achievements of Charles Darwin — on his 200th birthday, no less — and his famous research vessel. The name “Beagle” was […]

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