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Cool Green Morning: Friday, April 9

Written by | April 9th, 2010


I don’t know what to say about this morning’s hot 5 green links. You’re just going to have to shake your head in amazement for yourself:

  1. John Deere’s support of climate and energy legislation is the target of TV attack ads. (CleanTechnica)
  2. Wildlife-friendly oil palm plantations? Not so wildlife-friendly, says a new study. (Conservation Maven)
  3. Another cheery new study: Millions of Australian reptiles fall into abandoned mine shafts every year (and don’t get out). (Conservation Maven)
  4. Can the climate crisis be rebranded? (As “Energy Quest”?) (Triple Pundit)
  5. A dwarf lemur is rediscovered…100 years after it was last spotted. (Mongabay)

Cool Green Morning: Monday, April 5

Written by | April 5th, 2010


Squint through your chocolate hangover from yesterday and try to take in the hot green stories of the day:

  1. Morocco will solar power nearly half its kingdom (& there’s lots of sun in Morocco) (CleanTechnica)
  2. Climate change will help Atlantic croaker fisheries, says a new study (what do you mean, you don’t know what an Atlantic croaker is?) (Conservation Maven)
  3. The future of green cars? It’s still the internal combustion engine. (Joel Makower)
  4. How the U.S. Postal Service could become a new smart grid. (Solve Climate)
  5. The actor who played J.Peterman on “Seinfeld” invests in a hog sewage power plant (Triple Pundit)

Cool Green Morning: Monday, February 8

Written by | February 8th, 2010


Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, December 30

Written by | December 30th, 2009


Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, December 2

Written by | December 2nd, 2009


Happy Cool Green Wednesday, everyone!  Read on for the day’s top stories, like a cap-and-trade vid that’s making the wrong argument, good news for hybrid and electric vehicle drivers in Canada and Copenhagen’s teamwork-powered Christmas tree (see above).  Enjoy! David Roberts over at Grist explains why the new anti-cap-and-trade video from the maker of “The […]

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, November 18

Written by | November 18th, 2009


Coke’s introducing the “PlantBottle.”  Houston’s taking a modest step toward a greener image.  Enviros are teaming up with the religious right to encourage climate action on the Hill.  Today’s news is exceptionally cool AND green.  Read on for more: What’s more important than reaching a global agreement in Copenhagen?  Scientific American thinks a U.S.-China deal […]

Cool Green Morning: Friday, November 13

Written by | November 13th, 2009


Feeling unlucky this Friday the 13th? Fortify yourself with the latest in green news — recycled diapers, undersea gliders, a historic comeback and a new way to shut up those global warming skeptics close to you (speaking of superstitious…) So you’re at a family gathering, arguing with Uncle Climate Denier over the reality of climate […]

Cool Green Morning: Monday, November 2

Written by | November 2nd, 2009


Orangutan-friendly palm oil sales are on the rise! Yah! Vandals are throwing the community bicycles of Paris into the Seine! Boo! Beware emotional whiplash in this roller-coaster edition of Cool Green Morning — just slip the buckle into the clasp and pull tight across your waist… Can long-range climate forecasting get good enough to help […]

Cool Green Morning: Friday, September 25

Written by | September 25th, 2009


The really strange cao vit gibbon (see video above) has received a new protective reserve in Vietnam — good thing, too, because there are just 110 left. Read all this morning’s hot green news below: How do monarch butterflies migrate to the same location in Mexico every winter? Through a clock in their antennae, says […]

Cool Green Morning: Monday, Sept. 21

Written by | September 21st, 2009


We take the morning’s green news by the horns here at Cool Green Science — including a great story about Central Asia’s saiga antelope (above), being brought back from the brink of extinction by good old-fashioned conservation: European leaders are openly questioning whether the United States has the political will to address climate change, reports […]

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