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Rooftop Gardening Part 4: Lessons Learned

Written by | September 10th, 2012


After a successful summer of rooftop gardening, our urban gardeners reflect on what they learned from their 19th-story garden.

Rooftop Gardening Part 3: Make Your Garden Grow

Written by | August 3rd, 2012


Now that you’ve got a good start on an urban or rooftop garden, how to keep it healthy? Here are four troubleshooting tips to keep your urban garden growing throughout the season.

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, July 4

Written by | July 4th, 2012


Happy Fourth of July! Start your holiday off right and dive into some cool (and summer-y) green news.

  1. Get some tips for a greener Fourth of July celebration. (Huffington Post)
  2. Time for fireworks! But for our feathered friends, commercial displays are best. (Grist)
  3. Ever notice how modern tomatoes taste like cardboard? There’s a gene mutation for that. (Treehugger)
  4. You’re probably grilling your food today…and this author says the greenest meat is that which has been hunted. (CNN)
  5. And finally, what’s behind the record-setting heat? (Discovery)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, July 22

Written by | July 22nd, 2011


Two pieces of advice: avoid mass-market tomatoes and zombie creatures from the sea.

  1. The blue iguana is back from the brink of extinction, thanks to captive breeding programs. (Green)
  2. A new book exposes the reality behind tomato production in the U.S. (GreenBiz)
  3. Signs of advanced intelligence: this mandrill monkey giving itself a pedicure [video]. (BBC)
  4. A heat wave in the Arctic is melting sea ice at an alarming pace. (Mongabay)
  5. The hagfish secretes buckets of slime and feeds off dying ocean creatures on the bottom of the sea–what’s not to love? (Conservation Journal Watch)

Eating Local, Part 1: Waiting for Asparagus

Written by | March 16th, 2011


In the first of her four-part series on local food Sarene Marshall says while the health and environmental benefits are great, the biggest reason to switch may be the best-kept secret.

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