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What Do the Olympics Mean for Rio’s Environment?

Written by | November 3rd, 2009


Naturally we in the Cidade Maravilhosa are delighted to have beaten out the Windy City and snatched the 2016 Olympics from under the nose of the not-quite-glamorous-enough First Couple of the United States: even Obama can’t compete with Copacabana when it comes to wowing Olympic committees. But now that the cheering has died down along […]

When Is a Rainforest Not a Rainforest?

Written by | February 2nd, 2009


Last Thursday’s New York Times published a fascinating article, “New jungles prompt a debate on rainforest,” where two well-known Smithsonian scientists traded interpretations about the meaning of regeneration of rainforests in Panama. Not the least of the issues the article raised was the climate around the Smithsonian office watercooler these days, as Drs. Joe Wright and […]

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