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Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, December 21

Written by | December 21st, 2010


Gotta love a green news round-up that features His Holiness and Her Deepness:

  1. The other “Person of the Year” award goes to this explorer-oceanographer known as “Her Deepness.” (Treehugger)
  2. Top 10 green stories of the year–can you find the ones that feature TNC? (Grist)
  3. Straight from the WikiLeaks files: the Dalai Lama says we should focus on climate change, not politics, in Tibet. (The Guardian)
  4. Here’s a timely question: how do you know if your package was shipped green? (Green Biz)
  5. Tongue twister alert! Hybrid street-sweeper sweeps the streets of NYC. (EcoGeek)

Cool Green Morning: Friday, November 20

Written by | November 20th, 2009


This really should have been last week’s (Friday the 13th’s) Cool Green Morning — filled with The Worst Nightmares of whales, wasteful companies, and people who like to paint their cars a lot. (Are they going to take car painting away from us, too?) Prepare yourself — real scary stuff in today’s best green news […]

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