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Vote for Nature in Your State

Written by | November 2nd, 2012


Are you voting on Tuesday? We’ve gathered the top 10 conservation measures from around the country — take a look and do your part to vote for nature!

Cool Green Morning: Wednesday, March 3

Written by | March 3rd, 2010


Your daily round-up of the day’s top green news– unlike some of your favorite fruits and veggies, it’s always in season:

  1. At least 15 state legislatures are attempting to pass resolutions to block limits on greenhouse gas emissions. Is your state one of them? (Grist)
  2. Now’s the perfect time to make your home more energy-efficient– Obama just announced the “Cash for Caulkers” program. (EcoGeek)
  3. A new report says that globally, the effects of climate change hit women the hardest. (Treehugger)
  4. Of course no one wants to hear it, but according to Harvard researchers, we’re going to have to pay a lot more for fuel in order to significantly cut carbon emissions. (dotEarth)
  5. Eating in-season produce keeps your meal’s carbon footprint low (and your belly happy). Chefs recommend avoiding these foods until the spring or summer. (Yahoo Green)
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