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Cool Green Morning: Thursday, September 10

Written by | September 10th, 2009


From hair-powered solar panels and trees that produce electricity to species extinctions (Christmas Island bats) and species on the rebound (Mexican gray wolf), it’s a wacky wild world out there. Read on for today’s top Cool Green News links. Plug an electrode into a maple tree, and another into the ground, and what do you get? […]

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, June 30

Written by | June 30th, 2009


With our counterpart on week two of a European vacation, it’s no wonder that Cool Green Morning has Europe on the mind… or maybe it’s because those Europeans are so progressive when it comes to cap-and-trade and universal cell phone chargers? Read on for all the top news, from here and abroad. Universal cell phone […]

Cool Green Morning: Thursday, Jan. 29

Written by | January 29th, 2009


Green Super Bowls and carbon-neutral cell phones… what’s next? Find out in this morning’s round-up from enviro blogs. Super Bowl Goes Green: The NFL will expand its environmental program to include renewable energy and carbon offsets to help power this year’s Super Bowl. Get Out the Books: The European Commission will be holding a summer school […]

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, Jan. 27

Written by | January 27th, 2009


The outlook for emperor penguins is grim, but mountain gorillas in the Congo could be making a comeback… read on for this morning’s enviro-news from cyberspace. Penguin Death March? New research says emperor penguins could be 95 percent extinct by 2100 if Antarctic ice continues to melt. C’mon people, we need to save the penguins! Your […]

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