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An Environmental Scientist’s First Read of Silent Spring

Written by | September 24th, 2012


Shocking, but true: freshwater ecologist Jeff Opperman hadn’t read Silent Spring, until now. So what’s his take on the book 50 years later?

Silent Spring: From ‘Hysteria’ to History

Written by | September 20th, 2012


Silent Spring helped ignite the environmental movement. But when the book first came out, reviews of it were decidedly negative. The Conservancy’s Craig Leisher takes us back to 1962.

What is the Next “Silent Spring”?

Written by | September 20th, 2012


In the 50 years since Rachel Carson’s book was published, new environmental threats deserve our undivided attention. We asked our scientists: What is the next “silent spring”?

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, September 4

Written by | September 4th, 2012


A drought occurs in one area of the world and its effects are localized, right? Wrong…

  1. Food prices around the world are up 10% thanks to the U.S. drought. (Grist)
  2. Liberia’s forests are threatened by shady deals that have handed 25% of its landmass to logging companies. (Scientific American)
  3. Shell Oil gets the “OK” to begin drilling in sensitive waters off Alaska’s coast. (Washington Post)
  4. Inspiration for the day: U.S. kids start One More Generation, a campaign to save South Africa’s rhinos. (Mongabay)
  5. Fifty years ago this month, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring changed the way we viewed the chemical industry’s impact on natural systems. (GreenBiz)

Peter Kareiva Inducted to National Academy of Sciences

Written by | April 29th, 2012


Our chief scientist receives a major honor and CEO Mark Tercek sees it as recognition that conservation science can play a vital role in solving important global challenges like food security and water scarcity.

Cool Green Morning: Tuesday, December 7

Written by | December 7th, 2010


What’s hiding on your pantry shelves…perhaps something cool and green?

  1. Wildlife crossings have come a long way from the narrow tunnel under the highway…check out these design finalists. (Treehugger)
  2. Is Jonathan Franzen’s new book Freedom, which features a fictional Nature Conservancy employee, the Silent Spring of today? (Grist)
  3. China beats the United States in these 7 green technologies. (Green Biz)
  4. Alaskan wildlfires are burning more intensely due to climate change, says a new study. (Green)
  5. Better check your cupboards for ‘undiscovered’ species of flowering plants…scientists think there could be as many as 35,000 out there. (BBC)
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