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Return of Eagle Nest Cam

Written by | March 4th, 2010


The bald eagles of California’s Santa Cruz Island have returned to their nests. And once again, the egg-olution will be televised by webcam — find out more!

Second Bald Eagle Chick Dies

Written by | April 14th, 2009


We have sad news to report: The second bald eagle chick being raised on our Santa Cruz Island preserve this spring — in a nest watched by thousands of people via live camera — has died. According to biologists, only 50 percent of chicks typically survive to adulthood and there are many reasons why young chicks don’t […]

Bald Eagle Video: Mama Feeds Chick!

Written by | April 10th, 2009


Our preserve on Santa Cruz Island has been the site of some amazing conservation work by The Nature Conservancy and its partners — the restoration of the adorable, cat-sized Santa Cruz Island foxes; protection of rare species (12 of which are found nowhere else); and the overall reversal of 150 years of habitat degradation by […]

Watch the Bald Eagle Web Cam

Written by | March 10th, 2009


Biologists have spotted two eggs in the bald eagle nest on Santa Cruz Island — and web users around the world can watch the nesting parents via a live camera! Bald eagles used to be a common sight at Santa Cruz and the rest of California’s Channel Islands, riding the thermals and fishing in the Pacific. […]

Mammoth Discovery in California

Written by | January 14th, 2009


California’s Santa Cruz Island is famous for its miniature foxes and baby bald eagles, but now a new creature is making headlines — the pygmy mammoth. At least, that’s what researchers think the four-foot-long bone — recently unearthed on the island — once belonged to. (Check out the full story here.) An archeology student from […]

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